Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 crazy holiday advertisement ideas

On this Christmas every business would be trying to gather attention from people. Everywhere we can see the innumerable advertising displays (both offline and online). Nowadays it has gone tough to recognize or differentiate a single ad from another (if both are on same type of product or service)! Well, this does not mean that advertisements have ceased to attract people or you should stop thinking or spending a little on general or the holiday advertisement! In other words if you like to attract great number of people to your business then you need to do something crazy! In the design of the ads there has to be something special that attracts eyes or forces your grey matter to keep it remembered.

However, in making a simple business address special the media can be anything but the approach has to be special. While you are trying to design holiday advertisement you need to put some elements or symbols, images portraying the holiday spirit. Let us now find out 10 crazy holiday marketing ideas:

  • Crazy logos: We have to mind the logo and its branding power on the holidays. You can easily remember how the Google Doodles come to us pretty acceptable in several occasions. Same way you may do something crazy with your logo! If you can infuse some amusement related elements in the logos, then it will be different to people and help them remind your holiday advertisement efforts.
  • Brochures: It is very important that you are having a special holiday brochure designed. On the holidays you would certainly have some seasonal products or services. Just like your thought others will do the same! But how would you make people read and keep your brochure with? Simple – you need to design your brochure in a way that it attracts the eyes or help people recognize your business. Remember this time you are using your brochure as a part of holiday advertisements so make it crazy with holiday elements that arouse holiday urge in people.
  • Giving a new & trendy touch on web layout: While you are trying several means to market your product or the service on this holiday, you need to think about the look of your existing site. It is not feasible that people landing on your portal to see a normal layout that does not meet to the holiday craze! So you have to bring twist in your existing site layout to match it with the trend of the holiday advertisements. An unconventional layout with the holiday elements (off course focusing your product or the services) needs to be created to make people aware that you have something special for them on this holiday.
  • Banners: If you carefully look at the banners, you will find that those are basically used for adverts. So if you are planning for holiday advertisements then you need to design banners. But don’t you think that your banner advertisement should have something crazy to make people stare at you? Yes, you can do so with unusual color use, animation and graphics that forces people to look at your banners.
  • E-card designs: All of us know that e-cards have their mesmerizing power! They can nicely convey any marketing idea to people. But don’t you think why people would prefer to download your e-card? There are so many e-card designing companies who sell or free distribute the e-cards. Simply your e-cards need to make a craze in people with the design and theme. If you can do so, your holiday advertisement campaign is going to see great success!
  • Flyers to fly high: In various offline or on-field marketing purposes the flyers act really nice to brand the identity or advertise the product or the services boldly. But how would you make it sure that people are finding your flyers different on these holidays? Simply design flyers in such a way that inevitably people keep your business remembered and your flyer get successful as holiday advertisement tool.
  • Crazy cover designs: In holiday seasons you would like to bring out some booklet, catalog or the book that elaborately describers your product or the services. These will certainly work as one of the successful media of holiday advertisement. But again on those covers there has to be some crazy look to make people pick up those while in display. The core message has to be clearly shown.
  • Postcards: While just above the mention of e-cards is there, you may be thinking why then postcard! But you would love to know that people still love to receive a postcard with greeting or some message! So you may easily use the postcard as one of the media for holiday advertisement. Well, the design has to be someway nice enough to tend people keep the cards preserved at least through out the holiday season.
  • T-shirt design: Among so many holiday advertisement ploys putting your message through the t-shirt can be a good strategy. But there has to be some attractive design so that your t-shirts are chosen by people and openly your holiday advertisement goes place to place.
  • Business cards: lastly the business cards also take part in your advertising campaign. However, some would say it is not feasible to change business cards now and then! But on holidays if your business card has some crazy thought applied on to them, people would understand that you have specialties on holidays. So you may try trendy design to use your business card as one of the holiday advertisement tool.

Well, if you carefully look into the above holiday advertisement ideas, one certain point comes to the fore that the designs have to be crazy! Now who is going to give you the crazy designs? Simply an experienced designer from a web design company or a freelance graphic designer. So you have to find out the right partner for your project to make every step of your holiday advertisement campaign successful.

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