Friday, January 27, 2012

Blogging is a skill by which every one who is not working or jobless or for domestic ladies and students also can turns their self to entrepreneur by following properly. I prefer to suggest atleast 10th grade students for come to learning blogging because when they have done graduate till then their own blog would have become a revenue generating engine. Blogging is only working in the condition when you spend you time properly for that and work truly.

In the start of every year internet marketers launch blogs and they can multiply their income annually.
Big internet marketers often launch blogs with the start of each New Year so that they could multiply their current.It is not a big deal to create lots of blog. Create first blog but make it so challenging. I am here to guide you for making decision or get start to create that, so that you may emerge a well established having good impression and definitely professional blogger.

Top Fundamental Blogging Requirements:

1. Build Up Your Skills

Normally People Who Succeed with Blogging are:

1. Web Designers.

2. Web Developers.

3. Internet Marketers.

Person having any above designations always turned out to a productive resource for blogosphere. It is my personal opinion that if I had not designing skills so might possible I could never ever enjoy blogging. blogger means not just an English knowing person who can write content perfectly and can publishes links to Google, its means creative mind and this quality shows in the blog's solid structure. If you present your skills professionally so there is no difficulty to impress your visitors. You will have to design and maintain your blog regularly. You need to make use of rich HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript effects for creating web objects that provide the best web interface to your visitors. If u wants to face the competition so you must have basic designing skills. You can learn HTML and CSS within a month and can start powerful objects using Jquery and JavaScript. You will see all these details in my coming post.

2. What is Search Engine?

It is an open secret that why mostly bloggers fail to drive the traffic on their blog while on contrary others are entertained with immense traffic significantly? Blog Optimizations not enough for your blog, accept it there is something without that you can not expect to break the competition of billion of web pages fed into Google, Yahoo and Bing every single day!

Search engines works due to principle: "Produce Quality Content, Publish it first and get Served Forever!"

1. Produce Quality Content:

Quality content is not just about writing lengthy paragraphs with a word limit of 700-1000 words. Quality content in accordance with latest Google Panda guidelines stands for publishing unique content which must be fresh and latest. This is only reason why blogs like Techcrunch and mashable are so successful. They act more like news feeders. Search engines look eagerly for blogs that produce content relevant to the current time, happenings around the world, trends in technology and on going seasonal occasions.

2. Publish it first:

If you heard any news so Never wait for someone else to publish that. Always share tutorials and posts on latest developments.

3. Get Served Forever:

If you are the first one to break news or if you share it online, Google will direct most of the relevant organic traffic towards you. I am still being served with valuable traffic Alhamdulillah for breaking the following news:

  • Facebook Video Calling
  • How to Join Google+?
  • Undo Timeline

3. Act like a Journalist
You know well that what does Journalist do? Of course his job is to keep himself informed with everything. You must subscribe Giant technology corporate blogs and sites for updating in the whole world of social media and online media. I also use Alexa toolbar which shares interesting headlines across the globe. You can create an igoogle homepage and add RSS feeds of blogs related to your niche so that you may remain updated with latest updates.

4. Publish Multiple Posts Per Day

Open your mind and your eyes and think about how can you expect revenue If you post twice in a week. Read the following detailed tutorial:

  • Publish Several Posts Per Day To Boost Traffic
This is the excellent tip that I recommend to all. You must read the tutorial carefully to understand this important demand of pro blogging.

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