Friday, October 14, 2011

Cutting Edge Website Design – A Key to successful online presence

Every time I come across each client, they ask me to provide a ‘cutting edge website design’. And I must tell you that the demand is not to a freelance graphic designer but from every website designer! There are several themes, trends shown on the internet but the clients ever look something different and unique. It may be breaking the convention and designing to evoke a typical sense of emotion. On the other hand use of infographics, multi-header or priority to review can give your website layout an edge other others.

Now let us find out so factors that make the website layouts really cutting edge website design:

  • Design has to evoke typical emotion: Just simply designing a layout for your site you may never get the edge over others. In other words you have to make your site just unique than others. The look of your site has to evoke a purposeful emotion to the visitors about your products or services. Place the best of images, trimmed texts and everything to turn a simple design into cutting edge website design.

  • Proper use of ‘call to action’: This happen typically to product or service oriented sites generally that the site owners are eager to “drag” the users to some specific pages from just anywhere! Ok, let me clear, a visitor might be reading some valuable information from the site but all in a certain he finds attractive call to visit a page through clicks. It may be irritating to visitors. But it does not mean that you should avoid this! Rather put the call to action phrases at the bottom or ending part of all valuable info. It will then rather prompt the users to stick around your site. You are going to find that your website is have one of the cutting edge website design quality isn’t it?

  • Multi-headers & infographics: As I told at the very beginning that your website has to be different or edgy from others! So in the design multi-header increases chance to put more useful links at the home page and some infographics (graphical presentation of information) makes the understanding of anything better. In other words you could see that your website is having one of the cutting edge website designing trends for sure.

  • Keep space for reviews: Last but not the least - now people have really too less time to look into your content. For an example even Google has started to show Google rich snippets with the links in its SERP so that visitors directly see through the review or ratings of the site’s reputations. So don’t you think that keeping priority to the customer reviews in your layout will give you and edge to your site? Certainly keep the reviews in way in the home or other valuable pages and make it one of your cutting edge website designing factor for sure.

These are some of the points that can give your website a cutting edge over others. But here you should keep one point in mind that innovative designing or something unique can never be provided by any novice designer! So while you are seeking cutting edge website designing from a designer, do look at the web & graphic design portfolio to know how expert or experienced he or she is. If you fail to choose one of the best designers, you would find that your website has ultimately got another conventional design not the cutting edge website design!

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