Thursday, August 11, 2011

Professional WordPress templates: What are the qualities to look into!

You have decided to go for WordPress website development as it is ease to use, maintain and backed by huge community of developers? You are right in you decision to use WordPress (WP) platform provided you have chosen one of the best professional WordPress templates to fit with structure. Not only that, even you would get scope of adding widgets on your site.

Well, while working as a freelance graphic designer people want to get suggested on use of various open source platform. Some come with the query on the qualities of professional WordPress templates. My answer and suggestion always point to use of WP. There are several good reasons of using WP theme templates. So here are some key factors:

  • Ease in customization: Every time you use any template your first priority should be to customization. Without the customization, the template would remain ordinary. So while you are choosing one of the professional WordPress templates never forget to see if you get all resources (PSD, CSS and Javascripts files) for customization.

  • Structurally perfect & optimized graphics: Would you mind to see your website layout loading properly and its graphics just befitting the structure? Certainly not! So you should use professional WordPress templates that are designed properly to load the header, body and the side bars one by one. And the thoughtful use of graphics in proper size, format and combination reduces the http requests and consequently faster page load is possible every time.

  • Semantic html coding maintaining W3C standard: The html coding, provided with all the professional WordPress templates, must be semantic (logical).Every elements in designs must be named logically just corresponding with elements used in the coding. Even the header, title and other html tags combined with apt use of keywords makes the layouts search engine friendly. At the same time find if the WordPress coder has made the coding W3C standard or not. Interestingly the logical coding helps rendering of these templates easy in browsers built for the visually impaired people.

  • Scope for use of useful widgets and plug-ins: WordPress is highly popular for its thousands of plug-ins and easy use of widgets in the layouts. Say, you want to use a panel for the Adsense, then you have full privilege of keeping that portion in the layout with proper widgets in use. Using one of the best professional WordPress templates tour site is also ready to make use of useful plug-ins for future functionality enhancement!

  • Browser compatibility issue: Many times it is found that your website layout is not compatible with different types of browsers. The main issue comes with IE, where layouts are shown broken if there is use of CSS 3. You cannot avoid IE and up to its version 8. But these will never come as issue if you use one of the professional WordPress templates that come with proper CSS hacks (some typical CSS properties or Javascripts) to make the layout compatible.

So these are just a few features that always make professional WordPress templates so much popular and of top quality. Ultimately your aim is to make your site look nice and function properly! You can also feel relaxed using professional WordPress templates as those are backed by huge community of WP theme designers. Finally what you are to do is simple – have a look on the theme portfolio of the designer from whom you are buying the theme. If you do not be careful, you would end up buying one of the professional WordPress templates that does not come in any use.

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