Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PSD to CSS conversion: What are the benefits for a website development

At the primary level of website layout creation, designers create Photoshop documents (PSD). And based on that PSD latter on HTML coding is done to enable an overall image (PSD) into webpage. We also know that simple HTML coding of the pages do not help creation of stylish output – for that we need the application of cascading style sheet (CSS). But you may simply ask a simple question – why do PSD to CSS conversion- what are the key benefits? Well there are some good benefits as conversion help in separation of content from presentation elements, prevents duplication of structural content, helps in cross browser compatibility of the web pages and many other things.

Well working as a freelance graphic designer, I do face several queries of using CSS in the plain web pages. We all know that first a PSD file is sliced in html format and then the use of CSS comes. Well here I am directly jump starting the discussion as PSD to CSS conversion and its few benefits:

  • Converting a plain look into stunning one: You may think of getting a out of the box design structure and coming to people like me (designer). We would certainly give you a great looking structure. But never think that creating the PSD is all done! I have to slice the PSD to html and there will be some issues of giving font, color, hovering effects through html. But If I have experience in PSD to CSS conversion knowledge, I will simply use the CSS file and sort out these things in no time. Eventually it would be very much easy for me to edit the styles on your demand (if any). I will be able to just give you what you want your web pages to look like.

  • Coding time can be saved with proper PSD to CSS conversion: After you find PSD file is ready to be coded, you have to wait for a little to get it coded in html. There may be a lot many pages to be coded to get your site ready. Now think if designers are to code every page individually, the consumption could have been too much. But as I know the PSD to CSS conversion, I would use CSS through which just one time the style or code would be written and it can be called in innumerous pages. It also prevents the repetition or duplicate use of same code several times.

  • There will be optimum page load time: Many a time it is found that for the use of too many coding and images the page load time increases. But it is no matter to me as I know how PSD to CSS conversion can work for me. Simply with less coding, CSS sprites and other compression methods will automatically help decreasing page load time.

  • Browser compatibility issues are solved: In various cases it is found that the designs do not pass compatibility in different browsers. It happens for some special structural matter in the PSD. Then how the problem will be solved? Simply a good knowledge on PSD to CSS conversion will help in sorting out the problem. I will use the specific browser hacks in CSS files (those are generally not supported in html) and everything will be solved.

Well these are just a few benefits of PSD to CSS conversion for making web pages far better than what could be the output of simple html coding from PSD files. But for you please try to find out the web & graphic design portfolio of any designer to confirmation on his or her ability on successful and perfect PSD to CSS conversion knowledge. Select the right kind of person and get ready to see your website pages just what you desired to look like! Hope your search for experienced designer finishes with a discovery of a good designer.

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