Friday, July 15, 2011

How colors play a vital role in good logo design

The primary goal of a good logo design is branding. In every means you try to leave a lasting impression on users’ mind about your business! Up to this everything is fine! But the question arises when you first conceptualize to design a logo for your new business or think of having some modification/change on the existing one. How should be your logo? There is no question on the typography but the use of color for sure! Do you have some fascination on colors? You may be having so but when you are looking for a good logo design, do your designers inform you that play or use of color has importance in designing logo?

At least, you will always find me, a freelance logo designer, informing and clarifying the clients about this matter. I do tell them how attracting the attention of the viewers, color plays a good role. Again how playing with the emotion of the viewers has got necessary to leave a lasting impression on their mind about your brand! Now let me point out a few factors in using colors in good logo design.

  • Grab viewers’ attention with bold & catchy colors: As I said at the beginning, logos have to catch the attention of the viewers, for that reasons you have to design your logo with bold & catchy colors. In every webpage or any written document there will be thousands of texts, images. A good logo design has to attract the eyes of the viewers in the crowd of other things with its bright, bold colors.

  • Color combination & shades does matter: In every logo, the designer has to be very much careful in using color shade. Depending on the shades of colors the impression of the logo develops. At the same time the combination of the colors of a good logo design leads to keeping great impression in viewers’ mind. A mismatch of color combination may irritate the viewers for sure. Color should match with overall page theme.

  • Color perception of people evokes emotions: In a good logo design the designer has to use the color perception of the users. For example the RED color is identical to energy, whereas the blue and green is considered for evoking calm and environment-friendly feelings respectively.

  • A good logo design uses colors matching business purpose: If we carefully look at the famous logos, we would find out that those are designed with the purposive colors. Take for example the logo of "IBM", its blue color indicates the calmness and stability. Again the logo of "RED BULL" has the bright Red color that shows the energy and bold attitude of the energy drink and its maker.

  • Medium of use affect the color implementation: When clients come to you for having a nice logo designing, as a designer you need to ask the client what will be the medium of use. The reason is very important, as normally for the web use purpose designers use solid RGB color. But for using for printing the color needs to be generally CYMK. If you do not go by this separation the impression of the logo will not be attractive or impressive for sure.

So these are some of the important factors that determine the used of colors in a good logo designing. Interestingly an inexperienced logo designer would not tell you as they may not be having this much knowledge. So it is always better to ask a mature logo designer to design you a good logo. You just check the graphic design portfolio of the designer before assigning him or her project.

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