Friday, July 29, 2011

Google recipe view: benefits not only for foodies but for businesses serving delicious foods

Who does not like to have a bite on a Hamburger just to fill out the tummy for a while? Again you would definitely like to know the recipe of "pork and pineapple" provided you are a foodie like me! Well, I must thank Google for letting me find some quick-make dishes that I may try managing a couple of hours from my somewhat busy schedule. You know that I have no fixed working hours just because I work as a freelance graphic designer. So it may be the case that Google thought about you people and added a new search criterion – "Google recipe view" that shows a refined search on the recipes depending on the preparation time, calories, images and the user ratings. Obviously it does benefit the businesses that serve delicious foods to us. They now just get the opportunity to serve us with the recipe of the delicacies we order them to cook for us!

Well, now we may have a little discussion on how the Google recipe view works and come beneficial to both the food lovers and the maker too:

  • Refined search saves time: Until recently if anybody wanted to find a recipe of any dish, he or she has to Google and find the desired one from the tons of results. Thanks, now with the implementation of Google recipe view, type the name of the dish on search box, choose the "recipe" option on the left hand panel of the search criteria and you get only the recipe results for your desired dishes. No killing of time – even find the recipe that can be prepared within hours!
  • Custom search for health conscious people: I know it is always tough to manage a couple of hours for our appetite! But how about the mind that longs to taste something new (at least on the weekend)? Here comes the use of Google recipe view! Specifying calories or the nutrition, Google shows the review results of people who tasted noted the review against the dish. It is just fantastic to find what we are in search of! Many other criteria are being thought to be added. And yes, how we could forget the mouth watering Images shown with the results!
  • Let the world know your invention: You may be running a business on food and you are a master to serve new delicacies on every now or then! Why then let the world remain devoid of tasting your invention? Just put the description of the recipe, image and time it takes to season. Google recipe view will certainly let all food lovers know your culinary skills!
  • Attract the food lovers to you: It may be the case that you have a website for your restaurant or hotel and serve the guest cum customers with some desserts. Why not upload the recipe in your site with the specification provided by Google to get those enlisted in the Google recipe view? You would certainly be amazed to see the increase of the visitors in your site! Won’t you like to invite us to your business place to taste the delicacies before we decide to try our hands on it? At least if the price does not dig a big hole in my pocket, I will certainly pay a visit for sure (next time I may invite you to taste the same at my place – free of cost!)

Well, Google recipe view has a good many miles to walk on! We are waiting to find the search become more human and wide! Let the day come when we can specify the measure of salt to be used in a recipe or the desired smell it fumes at the time of preparation! But at the same time we must not forget that Google recipe view may have ignited a malpractice in the recipe makers who just want to see there recipe on top of the search results – we go through a recipe that assures of being ready within a hour to find it wrong at the end when we ourselves try a hand on it! This injustice should not be done at all on Google recipe view. There are some cases to me from some new clients who deal with food. They ask me to include their recipe in the website with some preparation time that is false!

I could easily code for them – instead, I try to make them understand – please let us not adulterate this great Google recipe view with inappropriate information. Instead, provide me with proper recipes, images and I will design and code those in most appropriate way with assurance that those will be shown in Google recipe view for sure (certainly not on the top of the results).Finally Congratulation to team Google for providing us with so nice a search option! 5XCEVXDXMTP2

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