Saturday, April 30, 2011

MooTools vs jQuery – the most cool fight

No, it is not the fight with the gun and shell… All of us know that in tussle of MooTools vs jQuery will not be any adverse result at last. It is only an effort to make a site much more effective or functionally good and doing so, the two JavaScript frameworks come in use. One is being the jQuery and the other one MooTools. Some developers have become habituated with the ease of learning jQuery for its conciseness. Again some developers have become fascinated with the holistic attitude and strong coding of the MooTools. Both the JavaScript tools and the frameworks provide the superb animated effects, inheritance of class structure and so many other effects. But the developers sometimes argue that either of the one is better for the development. And for this very reason, the issue of MooTools vs. jQuery has come into existence.

Now we may find out in what issues we may find out developers choosing or suggesting the clients to use MooTools or jQuery.

  • The basic point: In the matter of MooTools and jQuery fight what developers like to argue is that jQuery is best effect on HTML, event, animation, Ajax type web development process. So there cannot be any comparison with MooTools which is object oriented flexible coding.
  • Ease of learning: The logic that tries to stand in MooTools vs jQuery issue is ease of learning. It is fact that jQuery is comparatively easy to learn and implement. It even does not feel like programming. But in the case MooTools, the developers have to have little bit of deep knowledge in JavaScript. But learning MooTools developers can give some superb effects on web pages.
  • Holistic attitude: Another great point that is really worth notice in the fight of MooTools vs jQuery – the approach or boundary of usage. It is fact that jQuery comes in best use inside the Document Object Model (DOM). But the MooTools can easily be made to use in a holistic approach to give a web page some great effects.
  • Structural base: The fight of MooTools vs jQuery goes little more interesting when it comes to structural matters. It is found that the jQuery is very much expressive, quick and easy in coding. In the MooTools there is a strong structure of inheritance. So using the parent and child structure goes very smoothly.
  • Large community: Sometimes it is found that developers argue on the fight of MooTools vs jQuery is justified. The reason they show is nothing but the support in terms of problems faced! As the jQuery is very much popular and used, the community backup against the debugging is better. On the other hand MooTools support is not that much big as its usage is not so popular. So it is not faceable to use it just for few great effects.

Anyways, what we see from the above points is very clear- the fight is not very much justified. Both the framework is part of the JavaScript and enhances the effects of any webpage. It is up to the developers to use either of the two. Does it mean, at least to you, that having little knowledge on anything can be termed not worth usable? The things should be different. Only stop MooTools vs jQuery discussion, start using the tools that you feel required for your webpage. You may even ask any freelance graphic designer about the probable required tools to be used in your website. However, hiring designer or developer is up to your discretion. But you should not forget to check the web development or graphic design portfolio of the developer or designer for sure. Hope your site gets best effect with MooTools or jQuery- may be by the both!

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