Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas wallpaper design - Top 10 killer tips

This Christmas do not leave a single opportunity to brand your business! And in branding your business you can easily use one of the popular marketing techniques - free distribution of Christmas wallpapers. To zeal up with the Xmas fervor people like to download computer desktop wallpapers of different types. Simple they want to feel amused and you could use this sting or instinct for your business promotion purpose. Just create or keep beautiful Christmas wallpaper design in your website for free download. You would certainly see an increased traffic to your site. At the same time you have the option to promote your brand through those wallpapers silently. But here you have to mind some design issues which always help making Christmas wallpaper design attractive enough to people who are in search of such wallpapers.

As a freelance graphic designer I know how to create some really worth downloading and praising Christmas wallpapers. So here I am presenting for you top 10 killer tips:
  1. Christmas color: The first thing, I think, each Christmas wallpaper should have as one of its greatest characteristic – use of Christmas colors (red, green, golden and white). Without these four colors the eyes of onlookers can never be dragged towards your wallpapers. So balanced use of colors give the attraction deserved by wallpapers.
  2. Christmas symbol: There can hardly be even an imagination of Christmas wallpaper without Christmas symbols like pine tree, reindeer or Santa. These symbols do symbolize Xmas and without these any Christmas wallpaper design can justify itself as made for Xmas.
  3. Warm message with tags: A design should not be without the space of messages or taglines. These small and precise texts infuse life in every Christmas wallpaper. So you have to either include readymade message and tag or keep space for placing customized one.
  4. Slick & optimized design: Well when you would be preparing any Christmas wallpaper designs you have to take care that the designs are slick and optimized for easy access or download. The files have to be light weighted. If this does not happen then people would feel unease and never come back for more.
  5. Tactful use of logo: In the Christmas wallpaper design there may not be an open opportunity of using your own logo! So you have to use the logo intelligently in small size and perfect placement to at least grab the attention once for sure.
  6. The size issue: Sometimes it is found that Christmas wallpaper designs create size issues. I mean to say the designer create wallpapers either of bigger size or small one. So it is always better to keep two default size of “1024 X 768” for square desktop and “1366 X 768” for wide ones. This solves the size problem to a great extent.
  7. Compatibility factor: While you would be asking for Christmas wallpaper designs make sure those are compatible to several operating system. Sometimes for use of several design issues like fonts the design deteriorate, these points have to be kept in mind while creating the designs.
  8. Design piracy: While you are asking or buying the Christmas wallpaper designs from any designer or company do confirm there is no image or graphics theft from any where! At the same time there can be some precaution (like water mark or like so) to save your unique wallpapers being theft and used without your branding.
  9. Multiple versions: With progress of time it is found that people now do not like the static Christmas wallpaper designs. They like the animations and presently the High definition wallpapers. So it is better that you try designing your wallpapers in static and other versions. At least the best ones should be like that.
  10. Wallpapers for smart phones: last but not the least, Christmas wallpaper designs for smart phones should be in your mind. I am keeping this separate because people are using smart phones like iPhones or the Blackberry in huge proportion. So if you design wallpapers and trying to grab these people then your desktop wallpapers would not do! You have to design separately. These wallpapers have different design factors.
Well these above points hopefully help you know how should be the Christmas wallpaper designs! But remember you need the expert designers to offer these designs to you. While you are selecting any designer for designing this huge number of wallpapers for free distribution, do check the design portfolio to know how is his or her Christmas wallpaper design. At the same time you should mind the pricing. If you search the internet, you could find out affordable designs for you. Hope you find the right design partner!

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