Friday, September 2, 2011

Printed business card: How to leave an influence

You always try to establish the brand identity of your business. With a purpose of promotion you have built website, gone for several advertisements and every possible ways. But have you ever thought about a printed business card for your business use? Yes, a business card can really leave great impact on people. The best impact is a quick glance on your contact details and you have to do something so that people keep you remembered. A quality or standard printed business card can do this for you. With its simple look, design, a catchy slogan and other factors - a business card can influence onlookers.

I am a freelance graphic designer and do design business cards for different sort of business persons. But I would like to tell you in plain- printed business card design needs to be taken little special care for a few print related factors. Let’s see some of important factors:

  • A simple design is a must: When you are thinking for designing a business card you should keep in mind that people need to remember you just at a glance. And to achieve this purpose a simple design is a must. So while choosing the color combination of the printed business card or thinking about the use of graphics you have to be minimalist. Too many graphics or a super glossy color would not attract the onlookers to remember the content. But the white space would focus on the minimum content in the card.

  • Managed content on the card: You have to remember one thing while putting content on the printed business card for you. The main purpose of the card is to let the onlooker remember the key contact details of yours. So while adding the content in the card keep the contact details in readable manner. Never thrust too many detailing in the card. At the same time you have to keep the content (texts & logo) bold in simple fonts. Even there has to be a compact and impressive slogan to keep you and your business remembered to the card bearer.

  • Printed format is different from computing: It is many a time found that the impression on the printed business cards is different from what it was found on the computer monitor. These can be so if your printer had shown you a color combination in RGB and showed the proof in CMYK. But these are no issues at all only a reflection of in experience. If you can get the service from an expert and experience business card developer or designer, you would find that designer is using CMYK color pallet and always keep the “hue & saturation” high while showing the proof on computer monitor and on paper you would find things right.

  • Size & formatting of the card has to be perfect: While you are trying to get your printed business card ready to be served to people, you have to be careful in the size of the card. It has to be of a size that fits in wallets or the card holders. Again the print should not be in a font that creates problem in reading. Even the size of the font should not be below 6 points. While the logo, company and your name has to be in 12 points. Even margin or the distance from the borders has to be well managed to show a good structure. These cases happen for inexperience of the designer and you need to go for maximized proof reading.

  • Quality of the card has to be excellent: Last but not the least, the paper quality of the card has to be good. You should not compromise in this matter for cheap rates. While the printed business cards would go in the hands of people then the thickness, glow of the paper would leave an impression in minds. So try a quality of card that certainly matches status of you and your business.

So these were the few important factors in getting a properly designed and printed business card. Everything depends on the output. Ultimately how the card look does matter. If you carefully remember the above points while getting your business card designed, you would find your card leaving great impression on everybody. When bestowing the responsibility of getting your printed business card ready to any designer, you should just check the graphic design portfolio of the designer to know how expert and experienced he or she is. So get your business card today!

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