Friday, September 16, 2011

Infographics blog creation: What is the funda all about!

We know what a blog is! We have also come across the new term “infographics”- a combination of information and graphics. Well what is then the punch “infographics blog”? In plain words we can say that we like to create blog to express our thoughts and share knowledge with the world. It is found that nowadays we have little time to read a lot. Then is there no use of texts? Who says so? But some texts punched with images or graphics can catch our attention or let us understand things better. With this concept kept in mind now people are turning towards creation of infographics blogs. However, it is not that easy to create such a fantastic blog! From use of graphics to punch of text there has to be hands of great expertise of a graphic designer.

Yes, I am a freelance graphic designer and people come to me with the urge of creating infographics blog. And they do want to know how graphic designers like me work in this matter. I simply tell them the following things followed by any graphic designer. Find out how a blog owner also comes as indispensible:

  • Visualization: To create an infographics blog the first thing is visualization of the thought or subject you are trying to present to the visitors. Without proper visualization it is impossible to express anything with graphics and text. In this regards if you cannot imagine the representation you may take help of the designers with creative bent of mind.

  • Cutting edge design: It is not that you take up a template to create a blog where you would keep some places for text input! An infographics blog is a sheer balance of purposeful images and texts. So the work of design in this matter has to be cutting edge – every image or graphics has to be associated with proper text explanation. Performing this task the look should not become a mess of elements. Yes, you are to rely on your graphic designer but never hesitate to express your opinion every time you feel a mismatch.

  • The power of words: It is fine that you are taking help of graphics to visually strengthen your thoughts in your infographics blog! But you should not forget that the associated texts with the graphics have great importance. If you do not use concise, to the point text with the graphics, you could hardly make out your thoughts to the visitors. So you have to carefully write the small copy or take the help of professional content writers.

  • Search engine friendliness: While you are creating a blog you must have a goal – to deliver your thoughts to the world. Again you may be trying to promote your business through blog! Whatever it may be, you have to keep one thing in your mind – if search engines cannot understand what your thought is, people would not find your infographics blog! But if you represent your blog topic as a big image, no text is found by the search engines, then your blog would never come in a better positions of search engine results pages! So what should you do? Simply keep the texts in the code of the layout with proper user of keywords. In this regards a professional graphic designer or coder will certainly help you.

Well these are some of the factors that you need to take a look at while finding your infographics blog ready. Hope from the above points you have understood that you need to take the help of expert graphic designer who would not only help in the design but also help you visualize everything. Even giving suggestions on content write ups too! So while selecting a graphic designer, it is essential that you look into the graphic design portfolio of the designer to whom you would provide the responsibility of creating your infographics blog. So get your latest blog ready to grab more visitors fast.

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